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IfyoudontseeimagesIf you aren't strong in trading and you can't (or don't want to) earn money on exchange-rate fluctuations, but you actively participate in discussions on forums and blogs or you have your own website (or there's one you plan to create), we offer you our profitable partnership program. It's very easy to use, too. Simply need to place a special referral link (or banner) on any page of a forum, blog or website. If someone gets to our site from that link (in a month, a year or whenever), opens an account and starts trading, you'll receive the cost of one pip from each of his deals. You will receive commissions during the entire time the trader works with us. And it doesn't matter, whether his deals are profitable or not.

You don't need to deposit funds, either. The registration process is identical to the one for traders, so it's very convenient. If you've already become our client, you become a partner automatically. You can withdraw your agent's commissions or trade with them whenever you want.

You will get receive promotional materials (banners, referral link, etc.) in your partner area.

We offer the best trading conditions, and you can be sure that your referral will stay with us for years. Remember, you'll receive your agent's commissions from each of his deals. There's no time restriction.