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How it works?
The investment system is based on a simple principle: the Trader trades with the Investor's money. We just made a convenient accounting system - in which the trader works as efficiently as possible, and the investor gets the maximum profit. At the same time, the system excludes the possibility of deception. The work is divided into several stages: 1) A trader opens an account - (now it is often called a PAMM account). He can put money in it for initial trading or not do it (but then he will not be able to start trading - until he is not invested in it) 2) The investor chooses which trader to invest in, focusing on the trader's profitability, on the total investments of other investors, and other parameters. 3) The trader trades on the account that he originally created - and his profit is distributed among the investors. Those. for example, there is $ 200 on the trader's account. 50 is his initial investment and 50 each from three more investors. Those. each has 25%. Whatever happens - whether the trader received a profit or loss - each of the investors (including the trader) - 25% each. The trader makes a trade on his own and earns $ 100. Now he has $ 300 on his account (the deal brought $ 100). Because each has 25% - now they have $ 75 each. All recalculations are undertaken by the program, neither a trader nor an investor can worry about routine work. 4) If the investor decides to withdraw profit - let's say one of the investors withdraws $ 25 leaving 50 - the program recalculates the%. If before everyone owned $ 75, now three have $ 75 and one has $ 50. The total amount is $ 275. Three investors will have 27, (27)% and one will have 20%. And so any trader can invest money in a trader at any time, withdraw money at any time - the program itself will automatically change all current orders that have been placed on the interbank market. That is why we consider our system to be the best. If the trader further increases the deposit to $ 550, then the interest will not change - which means that three of them will have $ 150 each and one for $ 100.
What is the minimum investment amount?
From $ 1 for direct investment.
What does it take to become a managing trader?
Nothing. Just register an account in your account.
Can I copy trader's deals to my account?
Yes, such a system is provided.
Having connected a trader to the account, do you need to turn on the terminal to receive a signal?
No, other brokers may have an outdated system installed, when in order to copy a transaction to your account, you must constantly keep the terminal open. We have created a state-of-the-art system in which transactions are made directly on the server.
How much do I pay for the right to invest?
You pay% of the commission to the trader. DC you do not pay anything - we only get the spread from the trader's deals.
What happens if a trader takes a loss?
You will receive a loss proportional to his loss.
Do I pay the trader his% if he got a loss?
No, you do not pay the trader anything - but if you paid the trader earlier, then in the future, these payments are not returned - even if the trader received a loss.
What can I do to get more investment?
The best way is to make a profit. Also, a good way would be to invest on your own account - investors will see that the amount on the account is large. Also, you can create your own website or topic on any forum - where to talk about your trading and investment methods.
How can I be sure that the trader is not a beginner?
First of all, look at the profit and the size of the investment. A trader trades the market using his own capital, therefore - he trades with sufficient caution - a beginner will not risk his money - or - he will lose it quickly. Choose a trader with a long history.
Does it make sense to invest in a losing trader?
Sometimes a trader's success comes in waves - studying his history - you can see that he is in the black for several months, for several months in the red (the minus may exceed the plus) - in this case, it may make sense to invest in him at the end of the expected period of failure.
When will a trader be able to withdraw funds?
The trader can disconnect any investment and get his% of the profit. If a trader invests in himself, he can do any action with his investment.
Can a trader “tweak” his profit?
Traders are rated based on profit only. If a trader can twist his profit, then I think it is worth investing in him. Even if a trader is unprofitable, he can be profitable. The main thing is to invest wisely. In any case, the amount that the trader brought you will be more important than the profit on his account.