We do more than others to make forex more simple and understandable.
We believe that relationships with your broker should be reliable and predictable, that's why we devote a lot of attention to transparency of our conditions and take every effort to get all the conditions clearly stated on our website.

Our main principle is honesty. We try to be simple and transparent. We want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with us.
How do we guarantee safety of your funds:
Segregated Clients
Profiforex keeps clients' funds segregated from our company funds
We work only with AA+ rated banks (AA+ rating means the very strong capacity to meet financial commitments)
STP Technology
We use STP technology for executing your orders
It means that we provide access to the interbank market without passing orders through dealing desk.
Regulated Liquidity Providers
We use only regulated liquidity providers.
It guarantees that your orders will be filled following the strict industry standards.
Deposit and Withdrawal Policy
Our deposit and withdrawal policy guarantees the highest level of security.
Money from your trading account can be withdrawn only to the same account from which the deposit was made. It means that nobody else except you can use your money in any way.